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Pawn Central

Pawn Central

Rock Island
4106 11th St
Rock Island, IL 61201


Monday trhough Friday 10am - 5pm
Saturday 10am - 3pm
Jewelry Pawn

Top Cash Loans

We pride ourselves on the fact that most people feel they are walking into a community cash loan center or bank. Rather than a typical pawn shop or auto title loan company. We strive to pay more for diamond, gold and silver jewelry and have a wider variety of new, used and unique items for sale. Our loan centers are clean, organized and above all welcoming to folks from all walks of life. Whether you need instant cash for bills, or it is just a rough month, Pawn Central is here to help. We will offer you a hassle free loan with unbelievable customer service, and you will walk out with cash in your hands.

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How Pawn Central Works

At Pawn Central you can borrow money today on your valuables without having to sell them. If you think you might miss your special something or it has sentimental value, you can get your valuables back after you pay off your loan.

We help you get cash flow as often as you need it, so instead of selling an item to get a one time lump sum of cash, you get the opportunity to get cash flow as often as you want for one item.

At Pawn Central you can get loans without credit checks or a lengthy application process. Our quick application process does not require any financial disclosures and we do not work with credit bureaus. Getting a loan with us will never hurt your credit. Visit us now and get instant cash!